Custom Countertops

RICKWOOD LIMITED creates custom countertops from a variety of materials. Call us!

We provide advice, ideas and solutions for building your kitchen and bathroom countertops in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas.

Custom Designed Countertops

Give your kitchen and unused spaces new life and purpose with our custom designed countertops. At RICKWOOD LIMITED, our speciality is is building original pieces for your decorating needs

Be it marble, granite or wood, we build and install custom-designed countertops for any type of residential and commercial project. Get in touch with our countertop makers!

“Wide range of countertops for any use and style”

Expert Countertop Makers

RICKWOOD LIMITED has more than 26 years of experience building kitchen and bathroom furniture in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of professional and hard working countertop makers can build traditional as well as contemporary countertops to fit any space in your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in the house.

Our countertops are not only beautiful and available in a variety of materials, but they are also strong and durable for day-to-day use.

“Professional team of carpenters to take care of your decor”

Our Wide Range of Materials:









For all your countertop installation needs: